Our decks are very flexible but built to our rigorous quality standards. You can discuss with us any idea you may have regarding the design of the deck. In addition, we offer not only a variety of materials but also the ability to combine different types. Below is a description of some of the materials ProBuilt offers.  


ProBuilt is willing to construct your deck using the pressure treated southern yellow pine, cedar, or ipe. Our pine wood is offered in C-select and #1 select grades. Cedar wood not only looks beautiful, it also resists the splintering, cupping, twisting, and checking that you may experience with pine. Ipe is a tropical hardwood is a premium material that will last for a long time.


While vinyl may cost a little more, it offers extra benefits. Vinyl allows you to walk barefoot without any concern, as it is cool to the touch. Also, owners of vinyl need not worry about maintenance as much as with wood, since vinyl can be as easy to clean as spraying a hose. Vinyl is free of splinters, is slip-resistant, and is considered a safer alternative to pressure treated lumber.


ProBuilt offers a good selection of composite material to choose from. Composite material is cheaper than vinyl but offers similar benefits. Composites represent a blend of wood fiber and plastic, with plastic contents of 30 to 50%. They are growing in popularity since they also avoid the problems associated with pressure-treated lumber and require no maintenance.



Whether standing in your yard by itself or as an addition to your new or existing deck or patio, there is just something special about having a gazebo in your yard. Much like our decks and porches, our gazebos can be designed to suit your needs with a variety of roof and railing styles. We can also construct gazebos from a variety of materials including wood, vinyl and composite materials like Trex! We can even build screened gazebos. The gazebo we'll construct for you will of course conform to the quality standards we pride ourselves on.


We offer to construct screened and unscreened porches. As an addition to your home, a porch can be used for Bar-B-Cues, entertaining guests outdoors and just plain relaxing. Similar to decks and gazebos, porches can be built using a variety of materials. A porch can also be integrated with a new or existing patio.


Whether you desire a fence for privacy, pet control, to provide a safe place for your kids to play, or even to enclose your pool, ProBuilt's selection of wood and vinyl fences are sure to do the job. All posts have dry packed concrete and gate posts are 5 X 5 French gothic. Our fences come in 4 feet or 6 feet, and we offer a variety of styles, including the following:

  •  4/6 foot privacy

    • wingate, board on batten (like wingate but without gaps), vertical board, and arch or dip

  •  4/6 foot picket

  •  4/6 foot spaced picket

  •  4/6 foot stockade



Sunrooms are a great addition to your home! We offer to construct unheated three-season style sunrooms or heated four-season styles. In either style, a sunroom added to your home will allow you to enjoy more of the sun's rays year round! Use this new addition to your home to entertain guests, as breakfast nook, play or TV room. We can even add the sunroom to your existing deck to give you more use from it. The sunrooms we can build for you can be designed in a variety of styles and will blend beautifully with your existing home. You can be assured that your new sunroom addition will meet or exceed the construction quality of your existing home. Give us a call today and you can be one step closer to enjoying the sun year-round!


Just picture yourself sitting in your favorite reclining outdoor chair enjoying that perfect summer evening on your ProBuilt patio designed and built just for you. Patios are great for entertaining guests or just relaxing! ProBuilt specializes in building patios with wood, brick, concrete, flag stone and other specialty stones. We can integrate your new patio with an existing deck, porch or gazebo as well as construct it with a pattern especially designed especially for you. Of course, all of our patios are constructed with the same level of quality as all of our other products. Take a look through our Patio Gallery to get an idea of what types and designs of patios we can build for you. Give us a call if you have additional questions!